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Dogging Milf Fucked By A Black Guy In The Woods

The phrase “once you go black you’ll never go back” doesn’t really apply to milf dogger Rachel, because quite honestly she’ll fuck anyone who bothers to turn up to one of her outdoor dogging orgies! But she’ll have to admit, there’s something extra satisfying about being fucked from behind by a thick black rod, up against a tree with her knickers around her ankles…

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Mature Lesbian Ladies In Boots Fuck Outdoors With A Double Headed Dildo

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Boot fetish milf Lady Kinky Boots needs no encouragement to be slutty and exhibitionistic outdoors. She’ll think nothing of wearing PVC thigh high boots in public places, spreading her legs and stuffing a dildo up her twat. But today she’s lucky enough to have a blonde lesbian playmate with her.

I don’t know if her lady friend also has a boot fetish, or whether LKB has just encouraged her to dress up since they’re going out. But whatever the case, they’ve found a nice sunny spot in a park behind a tree, and LKB treats her friend to the delights of her sex toy collection, including a double ended dildo…

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Bedfordshire Blonde Flashing And Taking Off Her Panties In The Park

Like many milfs and mature women, Bedfordshire Blonde is a true exhibitionist, who loves nothing better than flashing her panties and her pussy in public locations. But what I like is that she’s subtle and coy about it at first.

She doesn’t show us everything straight away. Instead she teases us and makes us wait for what we want to see. Her skirt is short, but this sexy mature wife won’t let us see her knickers just yet. Instead She acts more like a naughty schoolgirl than a naughty housewife, putting her hand in the way to prevent us from getting an upskirt panties view.

She will reveal all, but in her own time…

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Milf Gets Shafted By Strangers In A Car Park

Sometimes there can be a bit of confusion about the term “milf”. Pretty much all mature women in amateur and professional porn use the word “milf” to describe themselves. But as we know, the word milf means “mothers I’d like to fuck”. So for “true” milf porn, you need to think of her in the context of being a mother, whether she be a working mum or a stay-at-home housewife.

In this more narrow definition of a milf, Rachel from Dogging After Dark fits the bill perfectly. She stays out all night fucking strangers in car parks, but you could easily imagine her disappearing at the crack of dawn to get the packed lunches ready for the school run. She won’t get any sleep, but she doesn’t need any, because the lingering memories of those nocturnal outdoor gangbangs will sustain her through the day…

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Dogging Milf Gets Fucked In Broad Daylight

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In case you thought that all the dogging action happens at night, you’d be wrong. Blonde milf dogger Rachel is a busy housewife, but if she gets the urge then she’s happy to drop what she’s doing, head to the nearest car park and drop her knickers. There’s no shortage of takers, and these 2 miscreants have clocked off work early to give our sexy British milf a good seeing to. It’s a familiar pose, bending over to suck cock while she’s being fucked from behind, but it never gets boring.

I bet it feels so good when his bollocks are slapping against her arse. Her cheeks are so soft and fleshy, and his cock is so hard as it plunders her pussy..

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Busty Milf In Stockings Goes Dogging In The Woods

There’s almost an Adam And Eve moment at the start of this video, as sexy British milf Carly entices a naked man from out of the forest. But far from populating the human race, all she really wants to do is go dogging and get fucked.

With her big tits proudly on display, and wearing slutty short skirt and fishnet stockings, horny milf Carly sprawls across the car and spreads her legs open wide. She talks dirty to the stranger as he starts to fuck her pussy, but honestly I don’t think he needs too much encouragement…

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Milf In Boots Outdoor Masturbation

Now if you’re going to strip off and masturbate in the great British outdoors, there’s no point being subtle and discreet about it. Get it all out, flaunt it, show your exhibtionism to the world. It may be a remote and secluded area she’s performing in, but I’m sure LKB would happily stop traffic with her party piece if she could. The look on her face says, “I love masturbating outdoors so much, that nothing will stand between me and my orgasm”.

Wearing black thigh high leather boots, this amateur British fetish milf squats down low, and drives that big sex toy as deep inside her pussy as she can…

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British Milf With A Kinky Boot Fetish

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There’s a rampant sluttishness about Lady Kinky Boots, especially when she gets outdoors. It’s getting cold here in the UK now, but I doubt this will stop her outdoor exhibitionism. She loves going out in slutty outfits with stockings and latex thigh high boots, and always brings her trusty dildo along for the ride. Up against the wall, she grabs hold of her tits, and shoves that big sex toy deep inside her hot wet cunt…

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